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Daily pick 02.04.
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The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries

Since the beginning of this January I have watched The Carrie Diaries, this new TV-series,  and I really like it.


It’s talking about The Sex&City Carrie Bradshaw teenage life, how she discovers the Manhatten and fashion world in it. Making this show good for me are all the outfits what they wear and of course this good funky 80’s music.

That’s why I’m going to show you all these good outfits that Carrie and the other actors are wearing, so you can see why I like this series so much! Also you can have some tips how to mix your own wardrobe 😉

And if you have thought how to make awsome bag like Carrie has, I will show you this!! Just scroll down 😉


Ühesõnaga olen juba päris pikalt vaadanud sellel hooajal alustanud sarja The Carrie Diaries, mis siis räägib The Sex&City Carrie Bradshaw teismelisepõlvest. Kuidas ta avastas enda jaoks Manhattani ning selles peituva moemaailma. Minu meeles on see sari väga hea just moealasest ning samuti lisab funky juurde muusika, mis seal kõlab (80ndad).

Sellepärast keskendungi tänase blogi postituse Carrie ja teiste osalejate riietustele, mis selle sarja ägedaks teevad ning millest võiks isegi paar riietumisideed kõrva taha panna. Samuti õpetan teid tegema sarjas kuulsaks saanud Carrie käekotti!! Lihtsalt kerige alla poole 😉


Carrie’s best outfits:


the carrie diaries

AnnaSophia Bumped In A Crowd

ANNASOPHIA ROBB on the Carrie Diaries Set

Hush, Hush





Other character good outfit choices:

Larissa Interview magazine fashion editor) is my favorite! Look at all the colors and patterns what she is wearing!


The Carrie Diaries2-20120326-13






Yes I really do love 80’s now! Also I think it would be really fun to be the stylist of this show, so keep up good work Eric Daman!! Daman assisted Patricia Field, who styled the original Sex and the City series, and he’s also the mastermind behind the fashion on Gossip Girl.


But now I will show you how to make super awsome bag like Carrie Bradshaw has!



So you need a lot of different nail polishes and a black bag (I recommend you some old one, to give it a new look).

1) Just be artistic and throw, drop and trickle different colors to your bag (mix colors and use what you like the most).

2) Write your name with the pink color on top of every paint layers.

And ta-ta-taaa it is ready, just let it try and wear it proudly – you have now your own-named bag!


Here is my bag before:


And after my design process:


So try it out yourself!!




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Daily pick 28.03
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Daily pick 27.03
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Daily pick 25.03
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