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Elie Saab Spring RTW 2014

Elie Saab Spring  RTW 2014

Elie Saab Spring RTW 2014 – Elie Saab said that he went back to garden for Spring. “A Lace Garden,” he called it.

I just can’t get enough of those pure colors of flowers: camellia white, rosy pink, bright bougainvillea, and a vivid green.  Even if the color black doesn’t have much place in a rose garden, the black lace dresses at the end of Saab’s collection stole the show for me. So beautiful see through lace dresses still look discreet and so feminine at same time very sensual. All what I like in a pretty evening gown.

I can honestly say that in this amazing Elie Saab Spring RTW 2014 collection, there aren’t any outfit what I would not wear, all are just stunningly gorgeous. Probably my favorite of them all are white jumpsuit with colorful rose-print on the neck. So simple look, but will catch everybody’s eyes for sure. Both dresses, long and short are also so simple cut, but this flower print makes them so special. Would love to wear this short one with these nice green heels on the warm summerday.

Elie Saab1

Elie Saab6

Elie Saab7

This season Saab gave his filigreed dresses a graphic edge with the grosgrain ribbon he used to trim seams. So new idea and original looking dresses.

Elie Saab5

Elie Saab12

Even though I’m usually not pink wearing girl, sometimes I love it. Like right in this collection, this rosy pink is so gentle and delicate that at the summer tanned body will look so good in these outfits.

Elie Saab4

Elie Saab11

Some other gorgeous looks

Elie Saab10

Elie Saab9

Elie Saab8

Elie Saab3

And finally this dress just won my heart ♥

Elie Saab2



If you miss that runway show then just click play and enjoy!

Totally in love with Elie Saab now on,



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