Last 2 weeks has been such a fun and busy time for me. I feel that my blog is growing every minute and I start to have more lovely readers. This is why I love the blogging most! I love the feelings inside me what sense when somebody is talking about my new outfit or fashion review or what ever they like in my blog. I feel so much gratitude!

So this week #02 #instafashion blogpost I squeeze together last 2 weeks favourite Instagram pictures.  Enjoy!

#02Style up your classic dress. Photoshoot with Iris Janvier

#02I was visiting New Vintage by Kriss studio again and found a pretty spring colour bracelet.

#02Lovely shopping day #ootd
#02Second outfit from blogpost with Iris Janvier
#02At newspaper Jana 15th Birthday Party 
#02At Kaubamaja 55 Birthday Party 

#02Boudoir photoshoot with @susanmust

#02From blogpost: 70’s inspired wide leg jeans
#02Me and my friend Jaana at Kaubamaja 55 B-day Party
#02At Lindex showroom seeking new spring fashion and Anna’s cute puppy

#02Did little shopping again: H&M Studio SS15 #02At Tartu Kaubamaja Moekuulutaja event. Sun was shining so bright!

#02At Vanemuine. Spending quality time with my love!

Until next week, check my Instagram!

pictures: TriinuO

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