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10th Top Scarf Blogger of July at Scarves&Wraps

10th Top Scarf Blogger of July at Scarves&Wraps

I was so happy when blogger from Scarves&Wraps wrote me that I was their Top 10 Scarf Blogger of July 2014. First time of my blogging history when somebody features me at their blog. Couldn’t be happier and I know every day more and more that I’m doing the right thing! Thank you my lovely readers!

They find my blogpost Too Crazy Monday and wrote like that: 

Normally, denim cutoffs don’t require a belt. But if you have to wear one and you don’t want to, go with a scarf instead. It will lend a softer look to your daisy dukes. And when worn with a printed tank or crop top, it will give the outfit that unique print-on-print flavor.

This is a cue we’re taking from H&M visual merchandiser and fashion blogger, Triinu Ollema of Fashion Notes by Triinu.

Too crazy Monday
Too crazy Monday

If you would like to read, who were the others at Top 10, read it here: Meet the Top 10 Scarf bloggers of July 2014

Thank you Scarves&Wraps featuring me at your blog!

Happy puppy,


pictures: TriinuO

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