A peek into my wardrobe

aka Interview for the local newspaper ‘Õhtuleht’

Few weeks ago I had an intrview with the local newspaper ‘Õhtuleht’ about my wardrobe essentials and, unfortunately, all the answers were in Estonian. I thought that I could translate all the article and share it with you. Hope you like to peek into my wardrobe and you will get to know a little bit better about what I like to wear right know and for example what is my dream fashion purchase. Have a nice long reading, I hope little pictures are making it more fun 🙂

A peek into my wardrobe

Since when have you been blogging? Since February of 2013, but I there has been a longer pause. Now I have constantly blogging about 1,5 year.

Why did you start blogging? I wanted to share my thought about fashion world to the bigger audience. My friends and family recommended to write about different fashion tips and tricks, also, share my everyday outfits. I thought about it and now it’s running!

What are you writing about? I’m mostly writing about the hottest fashion trends. I show my everyday outfits and I give tips how to mix different clothes, also, I show my favourite fashion items.

How do you describe your style? My style is very comfortable, but always in trend. I would even say that original because I like to play with different cuts and colours.

A peek into my wardrobePoodle shirt from H&M Trend

A peek into my wardrobeWarm poncho from Lindex

Classical everyday outfit: It’s really hard to bring out classical one because I wear everyday different outfits combining classical with something special. More often I wear dark colours and black clothes, also jeans.

Party outfit: A dress or some quirky shirt with trousers.

A peek into my wardrobeParty dress from Iris Janvier

Shoes: I have so many shoes in my wardrobe that I don’t even know how many anymore. I can even say that I am a little collector of shoes. My favourite shoes right know are sneakers and boots, but I love to wear high heels as well. One of my dream shoe pairs found a way in my shoe collection lately – my first pair of Christian Louboutin’s which I wear in my wedding at May. Next dream shoe purchases what I would love to make is Valentino ballerinas.

A peek into my wardrobeAlexander Wang x H&M boots

A peek into my wardrobeForever 21 heels what I bought from India

Handbags: Handbags are my second favourite passion. I like a different kind of handbags, but I prefer mostly larger handbags to carry all the world with me. Right now for everyday use, I wear mid-size Michael Kors satchel bag which matches with all my clothes. The most special handbag in my wardrobe is Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram which I purchase on spring from our Paris trip.

A peek into my wardrobeLouis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram

Jewellery: I’m quite reserved with wearing jewellery, but I always wear earrings and I don’t leave home without my watch and my engagement ring. Lately, I started to collect Pandora charms what mark something special in my life for my bracelet.

A peek into my wardrobeMy Pandora bracelet and charms from Greek and from India

Best purchase: I must say that I’m a professional shopper, so most of my buyings are really good in my opinion. But if I must highlight something, then I bought a really good price fur vest from Buduaar’s market which is so warm and pretty as well. Or really nice price Burberry vintage-trench what I found from the vintage store at Amsterdam.

Pointless purchase: I think some fashion craze what I found pretty at the store and later at home I don’t like it anymore or I found something similar in my closet waiting for wearing. Mostly I think my purchases through, but sometimes I find some pointless clothes in my wardrobe after I have been shopping in the Sale section.

Trousers or skirt? Trousers for sure! I like to feel comfortable the most!

A peek into my wardrobeLeather trousers from H&M

The most exclusive/striking thing in your wardrobe: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram handbag

Last fashion purchase: Balmain x H&M green faux fur jacket

A peek into my wardrobeBalmain x H&M faux fur jacket

Dream fashion purchase: Two of my dream purchases have already come true this year, but I have always dreamed about Chanel handbag and many more designer handbags, -shoes.

On what have you lay your eyes in shops right now? Long white vest and vest-dresses, what are so hot and must-have in the fashion world right now.

A peek into my wardrobeLong vest from H&M

Which item from your wardrobe are you wearing most frequently? I try to wear most of my clothes in my wardrobe, but right now I’m wearing quite often H&M Studio collection oversized khaki coat.

What do you have too many in your wardrobe? Shoes, handbags and coats I have too many in my wardrobe, that I’m already lost in numbers.

What do you have too little in your wardrobe? I think I have jewellery and accessories too little in my wardrobe. What kind of women wouldn’t like to have more jewellery?!

A peek into my wardrobeFur hat from Saaremaa’s fur craftsman

A peek into my wardrobeH&M Divided flower headband

Style tip what you follow the most: I have quite many style tips what I follow and from what I write in my blog, but my favourite one is that my outfit needs to be comfortable. Also, I like to encourage people to mix with different cuts, patterns and colours.

What is always inside your handbag? Lipstick, hand lotion, wallet, my iPhone and something to eat 😀

What would you never wear? I think that in the world there is nothing that I would never wear because I’m always willing to try different clothes.

Favourite places to shop: Vintage shops, H&M, Estonian designer atelier and e-shops.

The most meaningful jewellery: My engagement ring

Favourite perfume: Burberry Brit Sheer

Beauty favourites: Mac and Kiehl’s products

Beauty tip: Have a long sleep, drink a lot of water, and definitely smile every day!

Thanks for reading xoxo,


pictures: Mari Luud
fashion editor at Õhtuleht: Eiris Teeveere

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