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Femme Luxe haul


Hi sweeties! I thought I will write about my latest FemmeLuxe haul. I’m honestly getting many DM’s about these sweatpants what I have worn many times lately, I can say that I lived in these for the most of my quarantine. I ordered them from the FemmeLuxe and I must say that I truly love these pants. I’m wearing a size 12 for a more comfy look. 

You know everyone has been sitting at home and loungewear has kind of skyrocketing lately. So if you’re looking cool and affordable loungewear then just click here!

My favorite pants lately are these cool PU leather pants. I wear them whenever I go out because they match with my black military boots and I can wear them with almost everything I have in my wardrobe, super versatile. I ordered size 12 and they suit me perfectly. If you want to look good and you don’t have any time to put in the effort – then these pants are for you! I promise! 

I also did order this cute white ruffled top. It’s super flattering and I love this cute little polka dots pattern. I’ve already worn it with the high waisted jeans and of course with this gorgeous black faux leather skirt. I’m wearing a size 10/12 and there are so many similar top options as well (herehere).

I also ordered a cool cargo-style jacket, but it’s not exactly what I was expecting in real life. It’s made from lighter material than I thought it would be and as it looked on the photos. That’s the piece that I would not recommend you to order, the belt was also way too long for me.

As I was searching links for this blog post, I already made my next wishlist because summer is coming and I think I need new clothes. I really do like this cute black dress with the coolest faux leather bag, maybe this green dress for my 30th Birthday and I think I need more pairs of these cozy sweatpants. And maybe this denim jacket would be perfect for the colder summer days?

Until the next time, my friends!

Photos: Triinuo

All these products are gifted by FemmeLuxe Finary*

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My first order from Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe

Actually, a year ago or so, I was contacted by a fashion brand called Femme Luxe Finery, asking if I would like to collaborate with them. When I agreed to collaborate with them, then they noticed that they didn’t send their items to Estonia, so our collaboration didn’t happen this time. But at the beginning of this year July, they contacted me again and I thought I could give it a second try. I’ll be honest, I was still a little bit doubting because the clothes in there are mostly not my type, but on the closer look to their store, I found some nice pieces from there and I really wanted some beautiful dresses and co-ord sets for this summer. Especially for upcoming festivals.

So my first order took place at the end of July and I was asked to choose four items from their selection. I chose all these pieces before Intsikurmu festival and I thought they would have made such a steal looks, unfortunately, the beginning of August was so cold and rainy that I was able to wear these pieces finally at the end of August.

What I ordered?

All the pieces what I had picked out seemed so pretty on the photos but for me, the hardest part is always picking the right size. I looked at the size recommendations and size charts but unfortunately, some of these items were too small or little to big for me when I started to try them on. Even though I took all of these items on size M, they all looked different on me. So if you would like to order something from Femme Luxe Finery, please read reviews and also check my recommendations when picking the right size.

For example, I absolutely love this black polka dot dress on the photos. I already imagined myself wearing it all the summer but actually, I have worn it only twice. Once in Amsterdam and the second time, I wore it on my mom’s birthday party. I think it’s little too tight for me and I should have sized up for that dress.

The same thing happened with my second choice. This white polka dot set was so pretty on the photos, but in real life that set was way too big for me on my bust area and little too loose on my waist area. I know that I don’t have the perfect body shape, but really like that polka dot pattern so I was little disappointed that I was not able to wear it as a set. But that skirt looked cute with an oversized t-shirt, so I wore it more casual instead.

This mustard ribbed co-ord set was really beautiful. I absolutely loved that color but again I’m a quite tall girl (176cm) so these trousers were a little too short for me and that top little too big for me, so I adjusted it a little from the back that I could wore it on our Amsterdam trip.

I save the best choice for the last – this khaki loungewear set was perfect for me. I have worn it many times and I like that this hoodie is cropped. I would have loved this set, even more, when these hood straps would have been made for better material, but otherwise, it’s super flattering.

My recommendations to you when you order online:

  • look at the size charts with all the items you’re planning to order
  • don’t trust only photos, read reviews before you order
  • if you’re not the same size on waist and bust, don’t order co-ord sets because you have to then size up or down
  • pick items what have made of stretchy fabric, then you know that these items can fit you better than cotton or linen
  • when items are under £20, you can’t have the best quality in the world, so don’t expect high-quality materials

My conclusion: When you need a proper party look, Femme Luxe is absolutely the place for you to order you clothes. Just check the size charts and you are okay to go!

Would I ordered again from Femme Luxe? I have already checked their autumn/winter selection and I think there are many cute sweaters and jackets what I would like to review so we’ll see about that!

All these clothes were gifted by Femme Luxe Finary*

Photos: TriinuO

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