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Personalised jewellery from oNecklace


This is already my third set of personalised jewellery from oNecklace and if I say that I absolutely love them, then it’s true.

What I love the most about these jewellery is that how I can put all my special dates in them and wear these memories everyday with me. Like I added our wedding date on my Roman Numeral Date necklace and the day we started dating with my husband on my Roman Numeral Date ring, and now they are every day with me. I also picked out my new favourite Letter Charm bracelet with my name, my husband’s name and Coco’s name letter.

All these pieces, what I order are 24K Gold plated and you can choose also from other different materials like Sterling Silver, 14K Golf or Rose gold plating. They have really good quality with amazing prices and so many different designs to choose so if you want a special gift for someone, it’s exactly right place to look for it?

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Life update & Noracora Haul


Hello, blog! Long time, no see, right! This 2020 has been one hell of the year and we are not even done yet. Because we’re all in this together, I would not be discussing anything about the coronavirus but I will say, that my work-life is upside down. Most of the collaborations have been paused or canceled and I have not been motivated to take any pictures at my apartment anymore. Thankfully quarantine has ended in Estonia since yesterday and we can slowly be able to get back to our so-called ‘normal’ life again. If we even remember, what is normal anymore ?

I know that many of us have been forced to shop now more online because all the shops have been closed after the Emergence state was stated but before that, a few months ago, I ordered some clothes from the webshop called Noracora. It took me a long time to write this blog post because I finally received all the products by the end of March and then Covid-19 had already hit Estonia and I was not been able to take any photos outside. So now, last week, we took some photos with Iti and let me tell you, I enjoyed shooting again. I truly felt the vibe and hope you like the photos.

About the clothes, I do love these warm leggings. It’s still 6-10 degrees outside, so no proper May weather in Estonia, so this warm fleece lining is kind of perfect. I don’t like when my butt is freezing so I wear them quite often. Unfortunately, these are out of stock, so I can’t link it. I also like the Coca-Cola t-shirt because it’s funky and cool, also fits me nicely. It’s the only clothing item that actually looked the best when it arrived.

I also added necklace and earrings to my order, but I didn’t vibe the earrings, they looked a little too big with my face. The golden necklace is pretty and I have worn it now a few times when I go out out to the cafes with my friends.

I also ordered one cardigan and a jacket. But these two pieces were completely different than they looked on the photos. Materials were completely different, so I have not worn the jacket at all and this cardigan is okay to wear when it’s cold, but it doesn’t look stylish or trendy like on the photos they have on their website.

The final item that I ordered was black bohemian-looking boots and I hope I can wear them now more often when we are getting back to our ‘normal’ life. I have to say that when I took these photos, they seemed a little smaller than EU39, so I would recommend taking these boots one size bigger.

Would I order more from Noracora?Definitely not. For me, it seems that they use other website photos and when the order comes in then they make a similar product as you have seen on the photo. But it doesn’t look like on the photos and I like to get the exact product that I see on the photos, not the other way around. So be careful when you order anything from there. You can get nice products like leggings and a t-shirt, but you’ll never know before they arrive.

Photos: ItiJ

These clothes were gifted by Noracora*

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