I think quite a lot of women are not so happy when the colder weather arrives because they are not able to wear dresses and skirts on bare legs anymore. If I’m being honest, I’m one of them. I hate these beige-brown tights and I’m almost never wearing them. I don’t like any tights (except fishnets) where you can you see your legs through. That’s why I’m enjoying winter when I can buy and wear thick black tights (at least 120DN or thicker). Lately, I have been wearing quite a lot of mini skirts so I can only feel comfortable when I’m wearing a pair of black tights underneath it.

These cashmere blend black tights from Lindex what I’m wearing in here are super soft, warm and comfortable to wear. On chilly days like we have in here, Estonia, these cashmere blend tights are essentials when I’m wearing mini skirts or shorter dresses. And if I’m being super honest, I’m also wearing them when I’m walking with my puppy because being out 1-1,5 hour straight can be pretty cold for my legs and body. So it’s no shame wearing warm tights, it can be still fashionable and the most important part is that we feel warm!

Sweater, belt and tights Lindex, skirt and shoes Zara, necklace River Island

Black tights-8
Black tights-44
Black tights-42
Black tights-32
Black tights-35
Black tights-33
Black tights-23
Black tights-7
Black tights-31
Black tights-2
Black tights-14
Black tights-9
Black tights-5

Photos: Mari-Liis
Edit: TriinuO

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