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Beauty reviews

Beauty review: beautyblender® products

Beauty Blender

About a month ago, I got my hands on this new beautyblender® Bounce Liquid foundation, Opal Essence Serum Primer, Re-dew Set & Refresh Sray and a new Glass Glow Shinelighter highlighter. I have use them since I got them and take some time to read my honest review about these products.

I start with the famous beautyblender® Bounce Liquid foundation.

What they promise? A weightless, full-coverage foundation in 40 shades that easily blends for a flawless finish and a revolutionary bare-skin feel.

My opionion about the product:

  • I would definitely not call it full- coverage foundation, more medium I would say.
  • On my skin it’s super nice and smooth, velvety and soft feeling.
  • It’s not cakey or heavy on my skin.
  • You can easily build it up and you could do layering if you need more coverage. I usually don’t have to use a lot of product (1-2 full pumps), because of my good skin condition.
  • I prefer to use the beautyblender® primer when I have a long day because it stays on a little better than without primer but it’s not necessary for everyday use.
  • It’s super light-weight and it dries matte on your skin, so wait for a little when you try to find your tone in the shop.
  • Would I buy it again? Problably not because it’s too expensive and I have use many other cheaper products what have the same effect.
  • Price: ~42.90


  • I really love the look of this bottle but I don’t like that little opening on the bottle design, because it’s hard to clean and beautyblender® itself leaves foundation marks on the blending side.
  • It’s definitely innovating and unique, but also really practical if you’re using a beautyblender® when you put your foundation on because you have a built-in make up palette. 

beautyblender® Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray

What they promise? This do-it-all mist hydrates, adds luminosity, refreshes makeup, and gives versatility to your existing makeup. Created with a fine mist nozzle, it doesn’t disturb makeup so you can use it anytime, anywhere. 

My opinion:

  • I love it!
  • Really, it’s the best re-dew mist! It moisturize my skin every time I spray it on my face and I feel refreshed and rehydrated.
  • And it’s so gentle and doesn’t leave any spots on my face like other mists.
  • It doesn’t make my face feel sticky or disrupt my makeup.
  • It’s not so much setting spray, I would say, but I rearly use setting sprays anyway.
  • Would I buy it again? Yes, deinitely worth the money and I love a good product when I see it.
  • Price: ~29,90€

beautyblender® Opal Essence Serum Primer

What they promise? Capture that golden hour glow with this hydrating serum primer which delivers the perfect dose of dewiness. The nourishing transformative texture creates a hydrating base so foundation glides over skin without clinging to any dry patches or lines while keeping skin from looking dull or too greasy.

My opinion:

  • I usually don’t wear primer but sometimes when I have many events, I like to be sure that my makeup stays on the whole day. I have use this product now some days and it gives me hydrated feeling during the day and it keeps my makeup in place.
  • I have rather dry skin and this serum primer helps me with that. I don’t have to use any oil serums under this one.
  • It’s not sticky.
  • I only use 2-3 drops and that’s what I need for a glowy look. Also I use it with Bounce foundation.
  • Would I buy it again? No, it’s too pricey for a primer in my opinion.
  • Price: ~35.90€

beautyblender® Solid Blendercleanser

What they promise? A highly effective yet gentle sponge and brush cleanser in an easily portable solid formula. This gentle cleanser breaks up makeup and grime while maintaining the integrity of beautyblender® sponge’s exclusive material.

My opinion:

  • It really is my favorite cleanser for beautyblender® and other brushes.
  • I have also use other companies cleansers and normal body wash or hand wash and nothing really beats this Solid Blendercleanser. With 1 wash it’s already so much more cleaner than with 3-4 washes.
  • It’s unfortunate that it’s so small. I wish it would be bigger because I love to clean my beautyblender® so often that it’s gone too fast.
  • PS! It’s travel friendly product as well.
  • Would I buy it again? Definitely yes! Best cleanser in town!
  • Price: ~14,90€

beautyblender® Glass Glow Shinelighter

What it promise? This highlighter is a smooth colorless balm which offers a gorgeous glistening radiance. For skin that is luminous without all the frost and sparkle, the lightweight formula melts into skin and stays glossy for hours without feeling sticky or heavy.

My opinion:

  • At first, I was pretty sceptic about this product because I have only used basic highlighters before. Balm highlighter was totally new thing for me and I have to say that after first time I didn’t like it that much.
  • But it makes your summer glowy skin look super dewy and glossy. It’s start to grow on me, because it’s totally clear and there is no glitter inside.
  • It can be worn on your bare skin, under/over your foundation, even over powder.
  • It gives quite natural sweaty/wet look but for me it still felt a little sticky when you apply it. But it kind of disapears inside of your skin by time.
  • Would I buy it again? No. It’s fun to try it but I prefer shimmer highlighters on a everyday basis and it’s also too expensive for highlighter.
  • Price: ~25,90€

All theses products where gifted to me by beautyblender® Nordic*

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Live Boldly

Gal Gadot Favorites-2

Say no more to me when I heard that Revlon’s newest ambassador is the actress Gal Gadot. She is such a gorgeous woman inside and out and so talented as well. I absolutely love, how she described what Revlon campaign slogan “Live Boldly” means to her an I couldn’t have said it better myself.

“Live Boldly, to me, means owning it, being confident, being positive and going after whatever dream that you have.”

For me living boldly means to follow my dreams, to keep learning new things, being positive and strong and inspiring others to do the same!

Gal Gadot has picked out her favorite Revlon’s TOP5 products what she likes to wear on the red carpet/or everyday and she says that these products last on her skin all day long. This week, I also tried all of these products and I must say that she knows exactly what she is talking about. Of course, I chose all the tones according to my taste but product wise the selection was the same.

Which Revlon products belong in Gal Gadot TOP5? Lets find out now:

1.Revlon Colorstay ™ Makeup Foundation – There are two different foundations in this range: one for Normal/Dry skin and one for Combination/Oily skin, you choose according to your skin. I chose Tone 250 Fresh Beige for Combination/Oily skin because this tone was exactly my skin tone and they didn’t have this tone for Normal/Dry skin. Otherwise, my skin is a little drier on the winter time rather than oily but this foundation turned out to be my new favorite anyway. It stays on the whole day and I looked even pretty on the night time after that long day filled with meetings and walks with my puppy.

2. Revlon® ColorStay™Crème Eye Shadows has been in my makeup bag for the last few months or even longer and I have already three shades of these. What I love the most about these eye shadow is that built-in-brush designed for an easy application. I never find a right brush on my makeup bag so this eyeshadow saves so much of my time. I chose Tone 705 – Crème Brulee and it’s such a nice light golden tone for everyday makeup.

3. Revlon Colorstay™ 2in1 Angled Kajal Black liner is also one of my favorite liners in my makeup bag. It’s super easy to apply and I like to smudge it with the brush to give a lighter smoky look. It’s super easy to use and I thought that maybe next time, I should try even a blue shade called “Evergreen”.

4. Mega Multiplier™ Mascara was such a nice surprise for me. If you have read my other beauty reviews you know that I like a mascara that separates all my lashes and I love to look natural. And guess what, this mascara does it all. This Mega-Lash brush with that “360º technology” separates all my little lashes and gives me a perfectly natural look with a little extra length. Also, I absolutely loved that it comes off so easily, I just use a drop of Micellar water and voila! No black under-eyes with that mascara 😉

5. Super Lustrous™ lipsticks are the most iconic lipsticks in the world and I have only good things to say about them as well. I chose Tone 002 – Pink Pout and when I wore it on Tuesday for the first time, I got so many compliments about the color. It’s such a moisturizing lipstick in a light pink tone with a matte creamy finish. What I love the most is that you can choose between four finishes – crème, matte, pearl and sheer. Gal Gadot wears the red lip so beautifully but I’ll always stay true to nudes and pink tones.

Find your Revlon favorites from here!

Photos: TriinuO

This blog post is sponsored by Revlon Eesti*

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My favorite beauty products of 2018

Favorite Beauty products 2018-6

I thought that maybe you would like to know what was my favorite beauty products of 2018. I’ll list here all my favorite and most-used skin and hair care and make-up products. It’s quite long, so bear with me.


Vita Liberata products have been on my bathroom shelve many years and these three are my absolute favorite ones.

  • Invisi Foaming Tan Water is a completely clear tanning mousse for zero risks of transfer, it gives a natural-looking tan result that develops over 4-8 hours that lasts for up to 7 days. 
  • Body Blur Sunless Glow HD Skin Finish gives an instant tan and you can wash it off easily. If you want to glow like a movie star then this is your product. I use it throughout all the year and it’s the perfect help when I have photoshoots.
  • Marula Self Tan Dry Oil delivers a luxurious, instant bronze skin finish and a radiant, even skin tone. It builds your most natural-looking sunless tan with organic DHA, while delivering antiage benefits with precious marula, monoi, and neroli oils. It guards against the aging and burning effects of the sun with high factor broad-spectrum SPF 50. 


  • My absolute favorite shower product is L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil. It’s already my second boddle and it’s my husbands favorite as well. He finished my last boddle so fast that I bought this time two in advance that we would not run it out so fast.
  • My second favorite thing is this L’Occitane Gommage Riche Corps Rich Body Scrub. I love that smell of shea butter and it leaves my skin so moisturized and fresh.
  • I have been a huge sauna’s fan since I was a little girl and I’m currently addicted to using HOIA Lemongrass Body Scrub when going to the sauna. It removes dead skin cells and its rich in organic shea butter and coconut oil, which leaves your skin soft, moisturized and silky smooth. 


  • L’Occitane Amande or Shea hand creams are the best! I have been using these for ages and I have them in all sizes and in every handbag.
  • HOIA Deeply moisturizing handwhip is my new favorite. It’s super oily and rich but my dry hands need it almost every night. Don’t worry, it doesn`t leave oily residue – it absorbs quickly.


  • HOIA Monoi de Tahiti butter which smells so divine and it’s super versatile. You can use it as a body butter, hair mask, bath oil or even relieves sunburnt.
  • HOIA Coconut bodywhip is almost empty as you see and I’m already wanting to order a new one. It’s my favorite body moisturizer. It smells like heaven and it alleviates my dry and flaky skin. PS! This bodywhip is ideal for babies, pregnant women and for those with sensitive skin. 


  • Bioderma Make-up removing micelle solution has been in my make-up bag for at least 2 years and removes every type of make-up.
  • L’Occitane Cleansing Oil is such nice and easy makeup remover if you like to wash your make-up off. PS! It doesn’t leave your face oily if you’re affreid of it.


  • HOIA Rejuvenating Face Serum is filled with different oils. It’s so good that my first bottle is already starting to get empty, so I’m definetely in need of new one.
  • D’DIFFERENCE 5D Smooting Serum was my second serum from that brand and I absolutely love their serums. Such a good moisturizers before makeup and face cream.


  • Lush Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser is a nice face cream what I apply when I’m going to wear make-up. It’s like a primer cream.
  • Environ Skin EssentiA is perfect booster cream when I need a vitamines in my face. It leaves my face beautifully radiant and healthy looking.


Sheet masks are my favorite type of facial masks. I use these three different brand (It’s Skin, TonyMoly, and Holika Holika) masks but I love Holika Holika Green Tea multipack the most. It’s much more environmental friendly than the others and it’s so easy to open this package.


  • Real Techniques Powder Brush and Blush Brush are my everyday brushes and I have had them at least 2-3 years already but they are still going strong so I don’t see any point to throw them out.
  • BEAUTYBLENDER has also been my favorite sponge for ages. I have had many colors and sizes but my favorite one is the pink original one (didn’t find it to make the picture, but this is just the other color). Beautyblender just gives the perfect finish for every foundation.


I use these three producs are my favorite when I’m doing my everyday makeup.

  • Revlon 2-in-1 Colorstay foundation has been in my makeup bag since February and I use it when I need a heavier base to hide some pimples. Also, I really like that it contains a concealer and a mirror!
  • Holika Holika Hard Cover Lighting foundation is a lighter version foundation that leaves my skin smooth and silky. I really like the feel of this applicator.
  • Revlon Photoready Eye Primier+Brightener is such a life savor when I haven’t slept that much and these dark-circles are showing up.


  • Kiko Soft Focus Foundation Mineral Powder has been my favorite for years and I have emptied many of these.
  • Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder is my new favorite. It’s super lightweight and it lasts for hours without drying or caking.


  • NYX Born to Glow is my absolute favorite since last summer! This palette has all the products that you need: highlighters, bronzers, and even blushes.
  • Revlon Highlighting Palette is a perfect palette for travelling because it has all the products in small sizes.


I’ve never been in good terms with my brows because they are so light and so uneven. So I’m always super happy when I find easy and good brow products to use. These three are my favorites:

  • Estée Lauder “The Brow Multi-tasker” is what I use for everyday makeup. It’s the perfect lighter color and it’s super easy to use.
  • If I do evening makeup then I usually use Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil. With an angled tip it’s also super easy to use and I really like this brush to give my brows a right shape.
  • KIKO Eyebrown Fibers Colored Mascara is perfect product what I use to give a final touch for my brows.


  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette is such a perfect palette for me. It contains two of my favorite shades “High” and “Dirty sweet” what I use the most and then “Radar” and “Black Market” for a smoky eye.
  • Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow “Praline” is my everyday tone!
  • Holika Holika Eye Metal Glitter is such a show stopper! I use it every Christmas and New Years Eve Party.


I have picked out three of my favorite mascaras. I use them all but on different occasions.

  • Max Factory Volume Infusion is my newest one and it’s such a perfect everyday mascara. It separates all my lashes and gives them perfect volume and shape.
  • SLA Paris Oversize mascara is also a really good everyday mascara. It gives you long XXL lashes and a babydoll look.
  • Revlon Volumazing mascara is a perfect one for a night out look. More in here.


I use so many lipsticks and lip products that it’s hard to choose my favorite one. But here is a list what I use most often!

  • L’Occitane 100% Shea Butter and Ultra Rich Lip Balm are my winter savers. Lately, my lips are so dry and broken that only these things help them.
  • HOIA Sparkling Lip Balm and Good Boom Lip Balm are both natural lip products with little extra and I like to use them everyday basis.
  • Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in nude color is my go-to lipstick for months now!
  • Inglot Jennifer Lopez Liquid Lipstick has won my heart and I use it when I’m heading to the dinner or a event when I need a long lasting matte lipstick.


I have written about my favorite shampoo and conditioner already last summer, so if you haven’t read about it, you can just click in here.

  • I just wanted to point out my favorite dry shampoo from Batiste range which is Strength and Shine.
  • My favorite hair rings are the Invisibobble ones. These hair rings are the only ones what actually can hold my long and heavy hair together without pulling out all of them when I take it away from my hair.
  • I love hair oils and one of my favorite ones is Balmain Argan Moisturizing Elixir. This smell is so good that I can’t stop using it. I’m totally in love with it.
  • My long hair always gets tangled so easily and to detangle them I use Balmain Leave-in Conditioning Spray. It works like a magic!
  • HOIA Hair Serum is such a good oily hair mask. I use it every time when I go to sauna, because you have to hold it in your hair at leat 20 minutes. My hair always looks so healthy after using it.


My favorite perfume of 2018 was H&M “Sparks with fly”. I know, it’s usually I would pick Versace or DNKY but this scent just won my heart. It’s super affordable and the bottle looks so vintage. I guess you can find a good perfume from H&M as well.

Photos: TriinuO

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The Beauty of Nature by Pure Cosmetics – Christmas Edition 2018 Beauty Box

Pure Cosmetics-40

I’m a huge fan of natural beauty products so I was more than happy when I received this brand new The Beauty of Nature by Pure Cosmetics – Christmas Edition 2018 Beauty Box. I immediately loved the minimalistic design – no typical Christmas colors like red or green or massive ornaments.

Secondly, what I have to mention, is that this Pure Cosmetic beauty box includes 9 most popular full-sized products from their e-shop selection and it does not contain any testers. I will also add a list in here what you can find inside of this beauty box:

As a proper islander (Saarlane), I have to support our local brands and I have been using HOIA HomeSpa goods for an over a year already. I was even more surprised when I saw that this beauty box contain two HOIA products. HOIA new Shimmering Whipped Body Balm is such a show stopper. It leaves your skin luxuriously shimmering and oh so soft. It’s a definite must-have when you’re going to the Christmas party.  PS! I have to mention that the shimmering particles in this product are plastic-free and of mineral origin, so they do not harm the environment.

One product, which I always run out, is a good rich hand cream because both I and my husband have super dry hands. So as you guessed right, my next favorite product in this Christmas box is a BonMerité repairing hand cream with buckthorn and Ylang Ylang. First of all, it has a very nice scent, it’s super creamy and it really does moisturize my dry hands.

I have heard so much good about mineral cosmetics, so I’m definitely going to try this Sampure Minerals mineral powder. It’s the only product in the box where you can pick between 7 different tones and I had a tone “Sand” in my box.

Last Christmas, I gifted a Berrichi face cream to my husband and he was telling me that it’s one of his favorite creams ever. I’ve never tried their products and I just finished my last eye cream, so I’m more than happy to try Berrichi “EYE” eye cream because I have only heard good about their products.

When I finish my current face oil, I will definitely try this Evolve Organic Beauty Miracle Face Oil and with my saun rituals, I always love to pamper myself with a good mud mask. With this cold autumn weather, my lips are always cracked and dry, so I use quite a lot of lip balm and I think that you can never have too many lipsticks anyway. I don’t know about you but I’m always losing them somewhere. 

I could keep writing but I think you have already got my point that this beauty box contains so many amazing natural beauty products which are mostly made in Estonia or UK. Also, these products are vegan, made with natural ingredients and most importantly cruelty-free.

Last but not least, the price for this The Beauty of Nature by Pure Cosmetics – Christmas Edition 2018 Beauty Box is 65€ but it contains products worth of 150€. So you will actually get a -57% discount when you purchase this box rather than all products alone. I would say that’s it’s a perfect gift for your mom, sister or your girlfriend! Don’t waste any time, because beauty boxes will be available until 24.12 or until they sold out. Also if you order it, shipping is free for you 😉

This blog post is sponsored by Pure Cosmetics*

Photos: TriinuO

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Rotermanni Ilunädal


Hey, my Estonian based readers! This blog post is for you and I will tell you everything you need to know about Rotermanni Ilunädal. I will do it in Estonian (I haven’t written anything so long Estonian in here so bear with me) and I truly hope all my foreign readers will still come back for my next outfit post. ?

Sellel nädalal, 8.-12. oktoobrini toimub Rotermanni Ilunädal, mille raames ootavad Sind tavapärasest soodsamad hinnad, kingitused ja muud üllatused. Mina käisin täna juba piilumas, et mida kõike head võib sellel nädalal Rotermanni Ilutänavalt leida. Teen siin lühikese kokkuvõtte erinevatest leidudest ning räägin ka lähemalt, mida järgnevatel päevadel ette võtan.

Esimesena seadsin sammud paljude Instagrammerite lemmikbrändi Inglot’i esinduspoe poole. Seal on sellel nädalal paljude tootegruppid -15%, nt

  • 10.10: kõik jumestuskreemid –15%
  • 11.10: kõik huulemeigi tooted –15%
  • 12.10: kõik silmameigi tooted –15%

Mina valisin välja enda lemmik highlighter‘i, sest täna olid kõik särapuudrid -15% soodsamad ning lisaks Ingloti Jennifer Lopez’i erikollektsioonist matte liquid huulepulga. 

Järgmisena hüppasin läbi Hairline kauplusest, kus on palju häid hinnapakkumisi ja paljude ostudega saab kaasa kingitusi. 

  • Kõik KayPro juuksehooldustooted -35%
  • JOICO juuksehooldustooted -20% (va komplektid), 2 Joico toote ostuga kingituseks peegliga kosmeetikakott.
  • 2 WELLA PROFESSIONALS toote ostuga KINGITUS- EIMI PERFECT ME – Kerge hooldav viimistlusvedelik ,väärtusega 18,50 EUR
  • 2 TAHE juuksehooldustoote ostuga kingituseks 30ml Keratin Gold juukseõli
  • 2 CUTRIN PROFESSIONAL juuksehooldustoote ostuga kingituseks 100ml Muoto juukselakk
  • 2 VISION HAIRCARE juuksehooldustoote ostuga kingituseks Vision Haircare reisisuuruses toode.
  • Peggy Sage kosmeetika-, keha- ja nahahooldustooted -25%
  • 2 L´oreal Professionnel juuksehooldustoote ostuga kingituseks kaunis juukse-ehe.

Mina võtsin endale katsetamiseks ja proovimiseks VISION HAIRCARE Moisturizing šampooni ja palsami, Spray and Clean kuivšampooni, Healty Argan juukseõli, kuumakaitsesprei ning Just Leave It juustesse jäetavat palsami. 

Mulle väga meeldis VISION HAIRCARE toodete super hea lõhnaga ja et nende tooted on 100% vegan. Lisaks on nende tooted saanud Safe Hair Salon sertifikaadi, mis siis peaks tähendama seda, et tooted on võimalikult looduslikud ja kasutatud on ainult väheseid ohutuid kemikaale. 

Ja muidgi kohe kui ma tooteid pildistama asusin, oli ka Coco kohal nuusutamas!

Koju jõudes proovisin koheselt Just Leave It juustesse jäetavat palsamit ning juuksed jäid nii siledad ja pehmed. Praegune salli kandmise ilm teeb minu karmi karvaga juuksed koheselt sassi ja mul on suhteliselt keeruline neid pärast kammida. Vasak juuksesalk on kammimata ja sassi, parem juuksesalk läbi kammitud palsamiga. Lisaks andsin juustejuurtele kohevust Spray and Clean kuivshampooniga ning mulle meeldis, et minu pea ei olnud valge pärast toote piserdamist ning et minu juuksed ei muutunud raskeks. Juusteotstesse lisasin Healthy Argan juukseõli, mis on tavapärastest juukseõlidest kergem ja ei tee juukseid rasvaseks. 

Viimasena külastasin kiirelt Sigma Ilusalongi, kus on hetkel pakkumine Environ brändi toodetele. Nimelt on valik tooteid -20% soodustusega. 

Environ’i tooted sisaldavad A-Vitamiini, mis uurimuste kohaselt on asendamatu terve naha hoidmiseks, sellel on mõju nahavähi ennetamiseks ja see kaitseb nahka valguse mõju eest. A-vitamiini tuleks kasutada igapäevaselt, et nahk püsiks tugeva ja tervena. 

Dr. Des Fernandes, ilukirurg ja Environi teaduslik eestvedaja

Homme on mul plaanis külastada Si Style Ilusalongi, kus mulle tehakse üks mõnus näohoolitsus ja hiljem jalahoolitsus. Nimelt on Si Style Ilusalongis kõik näohooldused -20%, lisaks saab kaasa kingituseks Alessandro suurepärased tooted ja broneerides jalahoolitsuse saab lisaks käteparafiinihoolitsus kingituseks. Kellele ei meeldiks kingitused?!

Neljapäeval on mul mõttes panna ennast kirja Golden Clubi rühmatreeningusse, aga kuna nende valik on päris lai, siis pean veel mõtlema, millisesse treeningusse täpselt lähen. Kasuta märksõna  „Rotermanni ilunädal“ ning treeni ka Sina tasuta nii jõusaalis kui ka rühmatreeningutes.

Kui aga tahad teada, kuidas mul nende Ilunädala külastustega läheb, siis kindlasti jälgi minu Instagram Stories’id, sest seal jagan alati kõige kiiremini enda mõtteid ja kogemusi!

Olge tublid ja külastage võimalusel Rotermanni Ilunädalat!

Photos&edit: TriinuO

See blogi postitus on valminud koostöös Rotermann City’ga*

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My LFW makeup review


Some of you have been asking me on Instagram that what kind of makeup I use or what brands. Lately, I have been using quite many Revlon products and I decided to take Revlon makeup to the London Fashion Week with me. Why? Because I wanted to test their new Insta-filter foundation, new Volumazing mascara, and some other basic product what I have not tried yet.

I also choose to try Colorstay Pressed Powder, Photoready Prime+Anti Shine Balm, Highlighting palette, Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow, Colorstay Brow Pencil and their most famous nude Super Lustrous lipstick in tone Nude Attitude. I’m all about nude lipsticks and this one is so nice and creamy.

Also, check these two amazing cinematographs made by my husband. First one is here Revlon 1 and the other is on my Instagram.

My absolute favorite product from all of these was Colorstay Pressed Powder in Light/Medium tone. It literally saved my long days when I was running around the city from one show to another and I had to touch up my nose and forehead from wearing sunglasses. This Colorstay pressed powder is super lightweight and never felt that I wear too much makeup.

I loved the idea of the new Insta-filter foundation but unfortunately, the tone Natural Beige was too light for my skin. I did like the built-in blender because I don’t have to bring my beauty blender with me. I wore it one day but I did mix my other darker foundation in it to match my skin tone and it lasted the whole day so  I’ll definitely want to try it again with the right tone.

I’m using this new Volumazing mascara (tone: Blackest black) when I go out at the event or to the photo shoot because this mascara gives my lashes instant volume and it doesn’t smudge or flake for 24 hours. Also, the turn-it-up brush is designed with wavy filaments to hug every lash while holding the optimal amount of product.

For my surprise, I have been using this Highlighting palette Bronze Glow almost every day. I mix all these beautiful shades to get that multi-dimensional sun-kissed look and I love that looks so radiant on my skin.

Also, I’m so lazy when I do my eye makeup and that’s why I love these Colorstay Creme Eye Shadows. I took a tone Praline 730 and it’s perfect for a daytime look. It’s super easy to apply and it even has it’s own built-in-brush for easy, mess-free application.

Last but not least, I tried this PhotoReady Prime& Anti Shine Balm and I guess I don’t need to use primer because I felt that my skin got more oily that day in the T-zone area. Luckily, I have been blessed with a good skin and I would only use a little bit of this balm on my forehead area between the eyes where I have little wrinkles to hide these. If I need an anti-shine effect, I prefer to use Colorstay pressed powder.

Hope you enjoyed my little London Fashion Week makeup overview and let me know if you have used some of these products!

Photos: TriinuO
Cinemagraphs: SanderM


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Loving LUSH

Loving LUSH 3

Most of my friends know that if they have a birthday or I’m organising the gifts then most definitely they will receive something from LUSH Cosmetics. Why? Because I absolutely love LUSH products. First of all the products are handmade, 100% vegetarian, they are fighting with animal testing, they sell “naked” products (Package-free products), they collect plastic packages back (If you bring back 5 black pots to the store, you will get a free fresh face mask), they also support charity and ethical buying and so much more! After that I would ask that how can you not buy from there?!

(I’m writing this blog post together with Lush Eesti and yes, I did got all of these 5 products as a gift but I have always been and always will be a huge LUSH fan and it’s my honest opinion.)

Most from all the products in LUSH, I love the hair products. So many of you have been writing to me and wanted to know that how you will get long hair like I have or what products I use and I always tell you that my favourite hair products are Lush’s shampoo bars and conditioners. I absolutely love the smell and that all of the ingredients in it and my hair is so soft after using it. This time I chose to try Rehab shampoo and American Cream conditioner and I’m already addicted to this conditioner. This smell is divine and it’s still there until my next hair wash. My favourite shampoo bar is Honey I Washed My Hair and I like that I can buy a metal round tin to hold it and reuse it in future. Also if you like to do some treatments at home, LUSH has the perfect hot oil treatment pops for you. My favourite is Damaged hot oil treatment and it’s super easy to use. Just fill a mug with boiling water (leaving a little space at the top) and simply stir in your hot oil treatment until it has completely melted. Allow the treatment to cool for 20 minutes before applying to dry hair. Sit back and relax for 20 minutes before shampooing out.

My new favourite product for this summer is the Sesame Suntan Lotion with SPF10. It’s such a perfect product with this heat wave what we have right now in Estonia. I usually put it on before I go outside and after few hours I re-apply it to protect my skin. The smell is a little nutty but not overpowering and it’s a lot better and more natural than ordinary sun lotion filled with many chemicals.

I did found a new face cream in LUSH and it’s called Cosmetic Lad. I use it under my make-up and it’s perfect for my combined skin type. This moisturizer hydrates my skin perfectly and it gives me a beautiful glow. The final product what I chose was the Oaty Creamy Dreamy Oat Milk Shower Cream and my skin has never felt that smooth and hydrated before. It feels so soft on the skin and my skin smells like the creamy lavender after the shower. I just love it!

If you haven’t step your foot inside of this store then I strongly advise you to do it, because they have the best customer service, their shops look so fresh and you can also ask some free samples if you don’t know what to buy at the first time. I  discovered my favourite fresh face mask like that (which is Oatifix if you would like to know) and I have also tried few scrubs samples to find my favourite one (which is Rub Rub Rub). If you have some questions, I’m more than happy to answers them on the comments below!

*These 5 products were gifted by LUSH Eesti.

Photos: TriinuO



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Shea butter works wonders

L’Occitane Shea-21

Super soon I will tell you more about our amazing project with L’Occitane and my beautiful girls from Bloggersmarket (Anna ElisabethMari-Liis, Liina, Luciné, Britta). Keep your eye on our social media channels because you don’t want to miss this news and upcoming giveaways!

In this blog post, I would love to tell you more about some of my favorite L’Occitane Shea line products. I remember that the first product what I tried from L’Occitane was their Shea line Shea butter 20% hand cream and I totally fell in love with that scent of shea butter. The next thing what I noticed after this amazing scent was the softest nourished feeling and I usually have the driest hands even in the summertime.

About a month ago, I was able to get my hands on this Shea Cleansing Oil and this is one of the best makeup removers what I have been lately using. With its silky texture and efficiently, it removes impurities and makeup (including waterproof) in a single step. It’s so easy to use: just rub this oil over your face, massage gently and wash it off! Your skin will be clean and hydrated, and your complexion looking fresh and radiant. One thing, what I didn’t like that much, was removing my eye makeup with it. I wear contact lenses and this oil gets in between my contact lens and my eye and that’s a little uncomfortable for me. To prevent that part I first use 3-in-1 Cleansing Water from the same Shea line to remove my eye makeup and it’s the best micellar water what I have used. With using the shea butter face care range, my skin feels comfortable and soft all day long.

Yesterday, I purchased this Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub from Ülemiste Shopping Center L’Occitane boutique and I can’t wait to take a shower tonight and use this product for the first time. This creamy base scrub, enriched with shea butter (10%), apricot oil and finely ground nutshells, offers gentle, yet effective, exfoliation. That’s exactly what my tanned skin needs right now. It promises to help eliminate dead cells while preventing skin from becoming dehydrated. Can’t wait to get a perfectly smooth and soft skin!

Also, I couldn’t leave the shop without this little Milk Shea Butter Solidarity Soap. If you buy this little shea butter soap, you can help L’Occitane to fight visual impairment by supporting our Solidarity Soap. 1 soap sold will provide one year of Vitamin A for 3 children! This little shea butter soap is a step to ending childhood blindness throughout the world.

This blog post is sponsored by L’Occitane*

Photos&edit: TriinuO

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Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor

ColorStay Overtime 16hr-12

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on something new – the Revlon ColorStay Overline Lipcolor line. In Estonia, this line is available in 8 shades, but all together they have 24 different shades world-wide. It’s the most long-wearing liquid lipsticks I have ever seen. I made these swatches on my hand on Tuesday afternoon and I can honestly tell you that I didn’t had any strong makeup removers at home to clean my hand properly. I still have some marks after 36h later. I absolutely love the shades 220 Unlimited Mulberry and 370 Everlasting Rum. When I need perfect red lips, I will definitely try 040 Forever Scarlet.

My Pros
+ Stays on all day (and night)
+ Conditioning topcoat contains 99% moisturizing ingredients
+ Have 24 different shades worldwide
+ No bleeding or transferring
+ Doesn’t have a specific smell
+ I love the top coat brush applicator
+ Kiss-proof lip color

My Cons
– Super hard to remove it (You need a waterproof makeup remover for that)
– The topcoat is too sticky for me but I know many girls who like lipglosses like this, so if you are one of them it’s a go for you!
– Unfortunately, we have only 8 colors in Estonia (I need more nudes)

PS! Don’t rub your lips together while it’s drying, it will set unevenly! Wait at least 60 seconds to let it dry!

This blog post is sponsored by Revlon*

Photos&Edit: TriinuO


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New skincare line for hair

London Labs-88

Have you heard about London Labs Haircare line? Maybe you have but until February, I wasn’t. Like their slogan is saying Healthy scalp = Healthy hair and I couldn’t agree more. Many of you probably don’t know but I have a long history of an unhealthy scalp condition. Yes, I have super long hair but my scalp has been so itchy sometimes that I have scratched it until it bleeds. It’s the worse thing to do and I have tried so many products over the years. Some have helped me few months and some have made my scalp even worse. Before trying London Labs products, I was using Lush shampoo bars and conditioners over a year because it has been the only shampoo line what has helped my condition. I can honestly tell that I was so keen to try this new skincare line for hair when I first heard it because I’ve wanted a healthy scalp for so long.

Simply, London Labs took the best of skincare science and reworked it for hair. I have used these products 3 months now (I only wash my hair 1, sometimes 2 times a week and that’s why this product lasts that long) so you will get my honest opinion. My absolute favourite products are from the Scalp Rehab line – Exfoliator & Scalp Mask Duo. I love using these two products because my scalp feels so good after all that scrubbing, cleaning and nourishing. I definitely will buy new ones because these two products lasted exactly 3 months and I need new ones asap!

Before applying the Exfoliator to a dry or damp hair, your scalp needs to be freshly shampooed. For that, I was using Moisturising Shampoo which unlike regular shampoo works in harmony with the scalp to soothe and gently cleanse, while boosting strength progressively with use. After Scalp Mask, I used their Moisturising Conditioner to supercharge my hair’s hydration and I really liked the smell of these two products.


I always finish my hair wash with a few drops of Pure Prickly Pair Oil, but you need to be careful with this oil because few times I put it too much and then my hair looked like I have never washed them, super oily. They say that this precious Pure Prickly Pear Oil is one of the world’s most effective beauty oils, every bottle contains the oil of more than 30kg of prickly pear fruit – nothing is added, nothing is taken away. It’s also pretty expensive(80€) so I would probably never buy it for myself because I think coconut oil (usually under 10€) works just fine as well!

For a daily basis, I chose to try the Hair Moisturiser but I almost never used it. I tried few times, but I think my hair looked little greasy after using it, so I stopped. But I love to use their Dry Wash once a week because it neutralises greasy roots, adding volume in it and it’s giving a just washed finish to my worn-out hair. It works just as well on freshly washed hair too, by adding a fuller, more texturised look… so you can start your style fresh, even when it’s not.

All these products are a little bit more expensive than Lush products I used before, but I know that I will keep using that Exfoliator & Scalp Mask Duo for sure or maybe I should try next this AHA Peel & Scalp Mask Duo. Anyway, my scalp feels finally healthy and yes, it still feels itchy sometimes but nothing like years ago!

PS! My scalp and hair took about month to get used to these products, so don’t give up after one week. Usually, with the new products, you need to give some time to see if they fit or not. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments!

Photos&edit: TriinuO


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