Riva meets Cyprus


I truly love that it’s already my fifth vacation this year of 2019 and I’m so happy that I can always take Riva Fashion with me. They have such a huge selection of stylish and feminine clothes and I can always be sure that they match with the location of my vacation.

PS! If you are using mobile to read my blog post and you would like to purchase these products, then download Riva’s Mobile Application ‘RIVA FASHION‘ (Unfortunately, not available for the Estonian market).

When I looked at the weather forecast, it showed that we’ll have a rainy week with some sun. But thankfully it rained only one full day and other days it rained on the night time or in the morning. It’s more thunderstorm weather and we still had 18-20 degrees, so it’s like a proper Estonian summer. And actually, on the first day, we had full day sun and we were able to sunbathe. Even though the locals were wearing puffer coats.

I took 5 Riva Winter Collection looks with me and you’ll see a lot of faux leather pieces because I’m super into this head to toe leather looks lately. I think you have seen it a lot on social media as well so it’s super fashionable at the moment.

My first look is reminding me of the Matrix movie outfits: black super cool and comfy faux leather pants with a long faux leather coat. I matched it with a black t-shirt and heels made this look more feminine. And we found this ancient Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates where we took all these photos. It’s super inspiring and I felt like a goddess myself in there.

Long faux leather coat & Black faux leather pants

My second look is more feminine and as you know that I usually don’t wear red, then I absolutely loved this red faux leather pleated skirt. It’s such a flattering cut and I matched it with a black oversized leather jacket. We took these photos outside of our wonderful Amavi hotel. I will make a blog post about that as well.

Black oversized jacket & Red faux leather skirt

My third look is also a feminine one, yet this look is a perfect one to wear on a formal event. This v neck dress is so flattering and I love these open cuts on long sleeves. It’s super modest and I think I will wear it on Christmas Eve when we have dinner with our family.

Faux leather detail dress

My fourth look is combo from the first and second look: I was mixing these faux leather pants with the second look jacket. I decided to wear sneakers instead of heels and find that it’s such a perfect everyday look. And I have to say that these pants are so comfy, I chose to wear them on the airplane as well and never felt any discomfort.

Black oversized jacket & Black faux leather pants

The last fifth look is actually my favorite one. This black faux leather pleated skirt is so beautiful and it matches so well with that beige belted faux leather coat. I matched it with a leopard t-shirt which I think complimented this look so perfectly. I will definitely wear this look again already this week because I like it so much.

Beige belted faux leather coat & Long pleated faux leather skirt

I’m so glad to work with such a modest company like Riva and I wish everyone a calm Holiday season!

Photos: SanderM
Edit: TriinuO

This blog post is sponsored by Riva Fashion*

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