I have been searching for a stylish and good light material raincoat for myself and my hubby for a while now. I have a really nice raincoat made out of recycled polyester in my closet but it’s more sporty and I wear it when hiking or walking with Coco, so I wanted a longer cut coat for the city strolls and something that I can wear with my dresses. So let me say that I was super happy when a Lithuanian brand called Ducktail contacted me.

Ducktail has a small range (4 models) of stylish raincoats made of waterproof and breathable polyester but you can choose from many beautiful colors to match your needs and personality. I chose the Unisex green color called City Raincoat. This raincoat has large front pockets, snap closures, reflective strings, and unique two-sided tail which is removable. One side of the tail is reflective. What I liked the most about the brand is that many of their raincoats are unisex so now me and my hubby can share it. 

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It’s also really important for me how brands today are managing their production. In Ducktail every raincoat is cut and sewn by hand, then carefully checked for quality. The entire production is managed in Europe (fabrics are ordered from France), ensuring fair wages for all the workers as well as high standards of work ethics in every stage of the process.

Ducktail Raincoats signature feature is it’s tail or “ducktail” which defines them from other raincoats. The tail makes our raincoats unique and recognizable on the street and is functional, as it keeps the backside of the legs dry and clean from unwanted kicked up water when walking. It’s happening me quite often, so I will be testing this theory out for sure.

We currently have super warm August, but Autumn is slowly peeking in the shadows already, so if you are looking or have been looking for a stylish and versatile raincoat, they sell online and in these stores down below:
LEVI Design Shop:  Solaris Keskus, Tallinn
Les Petites: Telliskvi 60A, Tallinn
Disainimaja: Kalevi 15, Tartu.

If you have any questions, I’m super happy to answer. From now on, I can start enjoying these rainy days with my new Ducktail Raincoat.

Photos: SanderM

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