2017 was a busy year for me but I’m more than happy that I can do what I love (it’s blogging, working on my planner project and rising my husky girl, if somebody was thinking what I do every single day). I’m so thankful that I was able to travel that much and I wish that I can travel this year even more. It’s a little bit complicated because we have a puppy now but thankfully I have many dog-sitters. My first up-coming trip is in February to London and Milan for Fashion Weeks. In March we are going to skiing and after that, we haven’t yet planned our vacations. I wish that we could visit Vietnam or Bali and I would love to visit New York in September but will see. As you see that traveling has begun to be my passion number one and fashion number two. Eeeek!

I’m also thankful that I have been able to collaborate with many brands on 2017 and hopefully this year will bring even more projects on my path. This blog post is already my third H&M Eesti #EveryoneEveryday collaboration post to show you how to mix and wear Everyday clothes. Many of you know that I’m a huge fan of Trend department clothes in H&M (you can tell the difference between Everyday and Trend department when you check the label inside, one is light beige and other is light pink) but I can honestly say that Everyday department has gone so much trendier after I worked in there. I absolutely love this velour body with sparkling stones. It’s super comfy and I can mix it to look chic or casual for different occasions. That shimmering metallic skirt is so pretty and many of you asked me on Instagram that where did I got it. H&M Postimaja it is! And I almost forgot it to mention but you can find it now on sale! Some of you may think that white leather boots are so weird and ugly but I love them. I didn’t find the perfect pair before these ones and for now, I’m in love! So I think that Everyday is for Everyone!

Body, metallic skirt, white boots and earrings (different color)  – all H&M

New Year's Eve outfit-7
New Year's Eve outfit-31
New Year's Eve outfit-19
New Year's Eve outfit-49
New Year's Eve outfit-13
New Year's Eve outfit-40
New Year's Eve outfit-15
New Year's Eve outfit-50
New Year's Eve outfit-2
New Year's Eve outfit-33
New Year's Eve outfit-26
New Year's Eve outfit-42
New Year's Eve outfit-10
New Year's Eve outfit-30
New Year's Eve outfit-21
New Year's Eve outfit-46
New Year's Eve outfit-48
New Year's Eve outfit-9
New Year's Eve outfit
New Year's Eve outfit-36

Photos: SanderM

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