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Highlights from London Fashion Week SS18

Third time is a charm and I’ll absolutely agree that. My third time at London Fashion Week was full of surprises, shows and I met so many talented designers and influencers. I was able to see 16 beautiful, inspiring, artistic collections and I’m more than thankful for all the invitations. Thank you so much: Xiao Li, Joanne Hynes, Haizhen Wang, Irene SJ YU, BORA AKSU, Roberta Einer, Clarks Originals, Sabinna, Clio Peppiatt, Katie Ann McGuigan, Edeline Lee, Theo VII, steventai, Hallie Sara, ON/OFF Presents: Jack Irving, Luke Anthony Rooney, CAPLANENTWISLE;  Jamie Wei: Huang.

Here are my favorite looks and highlights from London Fashion Week SS18! I brought out my favorite key looks, upcoming trends and what will be hot to wear in Spring/Summer 2018 season!

PS! All these photos are made and edited by me!

Joanne Hynes

LFW 1. DAY-24
LFW 1. DAY-31
LFW 1. DAY-1

Xiao Li

LFW 1. DAY-50
LFW 1. DAY-38
LFW 1. DAY-44

Haizhen Wang

LFW 1. DAY-53
LFW 1. DAY-60
LFW 1. DAY-58

Irene SJ YU

LFW 1. DAY-76
LFW 1. DAY-71
LFW 1. DAY-78


LFW 1. DAY-102
LFW 1. DAY-86
LFW 1. DAY-95

Roberta Einer

LFW 1. DAY-112
LFW 1. DAY-125
LFW 1. DAY-147


LFW 2. DAY-14
LFW 2. DAY-12
LFW 2. DAY-23

Clio Peppiatt

LFW 2. DAY-41
LFW 2. DAY-48
LFW 2. DAY-45

Katie Ann McGuigan

LFW 2. DAY-53
LFW 2. DAY-58
LFW 2. DAY-61

Edeline Lee

LFW 3. DAY-2
LFW 3. DAY-7
LFW 3. DAY-4


LFW 3. DAY-15
LFW 3. DAY-29
LFW 3. DAY-40

Hallie Sara

LFW 3. DAY-45
LFW 3. DAY-42
LFW 3. DAY-46

Jamie Wei: Huang

LFW 5. DAY-24
LFW 5. DAY-29
LFW 5. DAY-15

ON/OFF Presents: Jack Irving, Luke Anthony Rooney, CAPLANENTWISLE

LFW 5. DAY-36
LFW 5. DAY-38
LFW 5. DAY-45
LFW 5. DAY-53
LFW 5. DAY-55

Photos: TriinuO

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