London, my love

I’m desperately in love with this city and if I have a chance to visit it, I will take that opportunity. This time we’re in London with Iti and North Fjord and we visited a textile fair, which was more than successful.

We’re in London only three days but I was able to show all the main tourist attractions and visit all my favorite food places again with Iti. And I was so glad that I met with Leane who accompanied us two days and also with my favorite girl Birgit! It’s so fun to hang out with my favorite Estonian girls in London!

And I’m so glad that the weather was actually nice on the last day when we wanted to take some photos. We even got a glimpse of the sun at the end of Friday! This was the perfect end for our trip and I can’t wait to go back again 😉

About these photos, we went to the Chelsea area because they have the most beautiful colorful streets in there. You know, it’s a perfect place to take some photos and Iti is such a master behind the camera, so here are my photos made on Bywater Street in Chelsea.

Wearing all Lindex look: White Cardigan, Pleated skirt and
Shoulder bag (on sale)

Photos: ItiJ
Edit: TriinuO

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