Looking back: Eesti moeblogijate kirbuturg

aka Looking back: Estonian fashion bloggers flea market

I already invited all of you to check out that cool fashion event and I know that I saw some of you last Sunday @Sinilind, so it was nice to see my readers face to face 🙂

I wanted to say big thanks to the organisers and specially to Piia, it’s so much fun! And also I was so happy because I met so many estonian fashion bloggers too, you’re truly awesome and keep doing what you are doing! And my final head support-rail holder Sander, my other half, you were just so supportive and I don’t know what I would have done without you ♥

So I will start from beginning. Before this event I finally designed and made myself a new business card and I think it looks perfect for me: little bit creative and informative. I got them from plotter shop just before the event on Friday and then I had an idea to print some of them at home also and make these as price signs too.

Looking back: Eesti blogijate kirbuturgLove it! ♥

At Sunday morning before the event I still needed to buy some hangers and rails for my clothes and we went to Jysk and of course I didn’t want to spend a fortune for these, so I chose the cheapest ones and it was huge mistake later on. We built these ranks on the hurry and they were so light and cheap that Sander had to keep them together and hold these ranks up durning the hole event. He was just so helpful when I thought that the world will end and I can’t sell anything. Never again I will buy something cheap and that crappy. Thankfully I sold 1/3 of my stuff and I can say that I had car full of my things before the event. So if somebody still knows any flea markets coming up, you can invite me, because I have still 2/3 of my stuff to sell. And I met so many fun people for example Marili from Story Telling,  and Sandra from blog Sandrelle. Go and check out what these two sweethearts are doing!

I was wearing dress from E.Einama , knitwear H&M Trend, boots from my closet and lots of little accessories. 

After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturg
After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturg
After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturg
After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturg

After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturgMe, Sander and Marili from Story Telling

After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturg

After Shouts: Eesti blogijate kirbuturgWorld strongest man holding up these crappy rails

See you at the next Estonian fashion bloggers flea market!

Looking back: Eesti moeblogijate kirbuturg pictures: Meisi Volt

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