Many of you probably haven’t heard about the lingerie and beachwear brand called Marc&André. If you have heard about them, then I hope that it’s not a surprise for you that they are Estonian based company.

Marc&André is a modern brand of lingerie and nightwear, beachwear, and accessories which have been developed over 20 years. They contacted me before our trip at Zakynthos and I was more than happy to check out their new SS18 swimwear and lingerie collection. I picked out three sets from lingerie department and I also took with me many swimsuits and bikinis. This blog post is about those gorgeous gray and red lingerie sets.

Many of you probably would think that how can you wear this kind of crop top underneath your clothes. That’s actually what I love most about these crop tops are that you can actually wear them also as a separate top. I wore them with my high waisted leggings (photo in here), but you can also mix it with high waisted jeans, tube skirt or whatever bottom part you like. These crops are super trendy, feminine and yet sporty at the same time. I really like to wear this top at our Zakynthos trip because it’s super soft, light and it breaths as well.

PS! As you may notice that I also have my stretch marks and extra fat on my upper thighs, so don’t think that I don’t have any flaws. I just have accepted them and I do love my body. Hopefully, with training and walking a lot with my puppy, will get my legs in a better shape. If not, I’m still happy with myself! Be confident and don’t let society tells you how you need to look and feel!

Gray Magnetic crop top and Magnetic Brazilian briefsRed crop top and Magnetic Brazilian briefs Marc&André

Marc&André lingerie-3
Marc&André lingerie-17
Marc&André lingerie-28
Marc&André lingerie-4
Marc&André lingerie-14
Marc&André swimsuit-9
Marc&André lingerie-27
Marc&André lingerie
Marc&André lingerie
Marc&André lingerie-20
Marc&André lingerie-23
Marc&André lingerie-11
Marc&André lingerie-6
Marc&André lingerie-19
Marc&André lingerie-12
Marc&André lingerie-15
Marc&André lingerie-21
Marc&André lingerie-13
Marc&André lingerie-5

Photos: SanderM
Edit: TriinuO

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