Mix&Match Party
hosted by Platinum Events

First time I was asked to Mix&Match Party already at 22. august, but when Platinum Events manager Kati was asking me at 27.august again to come as press I made my plans that I could see what kind of party is taking place at Saturday (06.09) lunch 12 o’clock. I can only say good words about it: it’s such a fun party with mimosas and zephyre cupcakes while shopping and mingling with other fashionistas.

Platinum Events will help you to make all celebrations for amazing moments in your memories. Your idea and their best performance will make your special day even more special and memorable. So contact them and you will not regret it! As Platinum Events is saying: “Celebrate the happiness the life is always giving, make avery day a holiday and celebrate just living!”

Their first fashion event went so nicely and smoothly as they have done it already several times. So many sponsors and gifts for guest, two sexy waiters and such a fun host, good food and drinks – what more you would like to have for Saturday lunch time. I would say only shopping for new clothes and exactly that you had change to do, so really enjoyable party! See yourself and next time come also, because Mix&Match Party will be the next fashionable event of the month! Keep going girls (Kati&Liina) and good luck for the next events! Can’t wait for next fashionistas meeting!

And you know, I’m always bad in draws, but this time I got the best prize – The most stylish guest!

PS! At the end you can also see my outfit pics! But here is the Mix&Match Part:

❦ Amazing props and well organized party place..

❦ Fashionistas..

❦ Results of my shopping ..

Mix&Match Party

❦ and finally I won The Most Stylish Guest prize.. 

Mix&Match PartyThank you Platinum Events! I love my prize Skinny Herbs, Joik and Signe Seebid ❣

❦ here is the best outfit of the Mix&Match Party..

Mix&Match Party

Mix&Match Party

Mix&Match Party

Mix&Match Party

Mix&Match Party

Mix&Match PartyOrange top H&M Trend, skirt H&M Trend, animal jacket H&M, shoes Bershka, watch Mohito, bracelets H&M

Hope you enjoyed my post about Mix&Match Party hosted by Platinum Events!

pictures: TriinuO
homepage: Platinum Events

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