Many of you may already know that we took a puppy – a little Siberian husky girl, who we named Coco. She is such a beautiful husky puppy and I even made her a separate Instagram account (if you would like to follow her daily updates, then click here). If you are thinking that why do we named her Coco, then if you guess that she is named after biggest fashion icon Coco Chanel, you are absolutely right! I’m still a fashionista and Prada didn’t feel like a proper name for her (it’s my first option because her full name is Paradise Apple).

Most of my days are passing by walking with her (~3h/per day), teaching her manners and new tricks, and if she is not sleeping, then she is eating or pooping. We also joined the puppy school a few weeks ago and I must say that she is super good learner because she is such a food driven dog. Who doesn’t like yummy snacks?! I also try to take her every day to the dogs’ playground where she can run without the leash and socialize with other dogs and puppies. If you are living in Tallinn, then contact me and let’s meet at the Mustamäe dogs playground!

Some of you already wanted to know that in which kennel she comes from and I thought that I can add here some facts about her as well. She is actually from Russia, kennel named Coldfire. I was so happy when I found this little one. She is now 5 months old and she will be not the biggest husky. My forever wish was that I would love to have a chocolate coat Ppoomsky (husky mixed pomeranian breed) but I think she is even more perfect than I ever wished, even though she is Siberian Husky, not Pomsky.

I’m super thankful for my friend Liina, who joined us this beautiful sunny day and now we have so many beautiful photos together. Unfortunately, my husband was working this day, so no family photos yet. It’s not my usual blog post with fashion poses, so let me know what you think in the comments below! If you also have questions about Coco, I will answer these as well!

All my clothes are from Lindex (sweater, jeans, beltchoker, and long coat), accessories Zara

with Coco-24
with Coco-28
with Coco-27
with Coco-7
with Coco-12
with Coco-16
with Coco-6
with Coco-15
with Coco-11
with Coco-30
with Coco-4
with Coco-5
with Coco-3
with Coco-9
with Coco-33
with Coco-2

Photos: Liina Jasmin
Edit: TriinuO

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