Have you heard about London Labs Haircare line? Maybe you have but until February, I wasn’t. Like their slogan is saying Healthy scalp = Healthy hair and I couldn’t agree more. Many of you probably don’t know but I have a long history of an unhealthy scalp condition. Yes, I have super long hair but my scalp has been so itchy sometimes that I have scratched it until it bleeds. It’s the worse thing to do and I have tried so many products over the years. Some have helped me few months and some have made my scalp even worse. Before trying London Labs products, I was using Lush shampoo bars and conditioners over a year because it has been the only shampoo line what has helped my condition. I can honestly tell that I was so keen to try this new skincare line for hair when I first heard it because I’ve wanted a healthy scalp for so long.

Simply, London Labs took the best of skincare science and reworked it for hair. I have used these products 3 months now (I only wash my hair 1, sometimes 2 times a week and that’s why this product lasts that long) so you will get my honest opinion. My absolute favourite products are from the Scalp Rehab line – Exfoliator & Scalp Mask Duo. I love using these two products because my scalp feels so good after all that scrubbing, cleaning and nourishing. I definitely will buy new ones because these two products lasted exactly 3 months and I need new ones asap!

Before applying the Exfoliator to a dry or damp hair, your scalp needs to be freshly shampooed. For that, I was using Moisturising Shampoo which unlike regular shampoo works in harmony with the scalp to soothe and gently cleanse, while boosting strength progressively with use. After Scalp Mask, I used their Moisturising Conditioner to supercharge my hair’s hydration and I really liked the smell of these two products.


I always finish my hair wash with a few drops of Pure Prickly Pair Oil, but you need to be careful with this oil because few times I put it too much and then my hair looked like I have never washed them, super oily. They say that this precious Pure Prickly Pear Oil is one of the world’s most effective beauty oils, every bottle contains the oil of more than 30kg of prickly pear fruit – nothing is added, nothing is taken away. It’s also pretty expensive(80€) so I would probably never buy it for myself because I think coconut oil (usually under 10€) works just fine as well!

For a daily basis, I chose to try the Hair Moisturiser but I almost never used it. I tried few times, but I think my hair looked little greasy after using it, so I stopped. But I love to use their Dry Wash once a week because it neutralises greasy roots, adding volume in it and it’s giving a just washed finish to my worn-out hair. It works just as well on freshly washed hair too, by adding a fuller, more texturised look… so you can start your style fresh, even when it’s not.

All these products are a little bit more expensive than Lush products I used before, but I know that I will keep using that Exfoliator & Scalp Mask Duo for sure or maybe I should try next this AHA Peel & Scalp Mask Duo. Anyway, my scalp feels finally healthy and yes, it still feels itchy sometimes but nothing like years ago!

PS! My scalp and hair took about month to get used to these products, so don’t give up after one week. Usually, with the new products, you need to give some time to see if they fit or not. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments!

Photos&edit: TriinuO


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