Some news: This summer I have been living in Finland.

It’s because of my new huge oppurtunity to work in  H&M as Visual Merchandiser. So right now I’m training in Finland to be VM (as good as possible after 3 months training period). It’s very good oppurtunity and at least for now it has been the best work choice in my life – exciting and fun!

This is also a reason why I have been not writing blog post so often as before, but I try to got back in business. I have so many stories to tell and discuss about! So thank you for still be a reader of my blog!

Last month I was living 2 weeks in Helsinki and now I’m back in northern Finland place called Oulu. I will post some pictures what I was wearing when I was in Helsinki and also some pictures since beginning of June. I can tell you that I have been shopping like crazy person here, because of those huge sales. I can’t just get enough for clothes and shoes. I know that I have them too much anyway, because my suitcase was 27kg when I was flying from Helsinki to Oulu… uuupsi! So I don’t even want to think about packing and travelling back to Estonia about 2 weeks. Can’t wait 😀

In this apartment I have so nice wardrobe what unfortunately I don’t have in my Tallinn’s apartment. In here I have so much room and I can hang so many clothes. Check it out, it feels that I have been moved here (actually I’m here for 5 weeks).


Oulu's wardrobe

In Helsinki were so nice weather last 2 weeks when I was there, but because I was starting my workday at 6 or 7 o’clock there were still quite chilly outside. That’s why I was wearing so many cardigans and jackets as you see on pictures.

So here is my outfits (almost all clothes from H&M, Gina Tricot or BikBok)

Helsinki outfit2All pink&mint

Helsinki outfit1

Best tennis shoes for summer – H&M Conscious Collection

Helsinki outfit3Little black&beige combo

Helsinki outfit4My favourite sweatshirt from Cubus

imageFashionable green maxidress from H&M

Helsinki outfit6Going out to have a little party night (my favorite bags – Louis Vuitton forever!!)

And finally I order new glasses (I was so tired of last one’s) – The Versace! LUV THEM!

Versace glasses

Versace glasses2


Next Part 2 story is going to be all about my outfits what I have been wearing in here, Oulu. Stay in tune!


pictures: TriinuO




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