I have worked with Stronger since September 2018, so I have a few workout sets at my wardrobe and when I say that I love them, I honestly do. Just this week, they released new collection Le Belle Epoque?. This blooming activewear has hand-drawn prints and is designed to give you energy and strength for your everyday life, your time at the gym, and every moment in between⚡️.

I have received many questions when I post on Instagram, and sometimes they got lost, so I thought I will write a blog post about these questions that I have received over the years.

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First and the most asked question is: How are the materials of Stronger workout clothes?
Answer: I absolutely love the materials, really stretchy, so soft and so durable. I still have my first nude Stronger set from 2018 and it still looks new and I always get questions when I’m wearing it at the gym.

Q: What size are you wearing?
A: I’m wearing size S, so both my top and leggings are in size S. Even though I usually wear size M pants, then these leggings, in size S, are perfect for me. I have a tiny waist and bigger hips but the stretchy material fits everything in perfectly. 

Q: Are Stronger leggings Squat-proof?
A: Yes! Also, Stronger leggings are tight and hugging your butt, so you will look smoking hot when wearing these.

Q: What is your favorite model?
A: If I’m being honest, then it’s super hard to choose my favorite because every new color or print is my new favorite. Lately, I do love their biker shorts bacuse they are so comfy even for everyday wear.

Q: What is your next wishlist item?
A: Just yesterday, I saw that they released two new colors for rib hoodie and rib pants, so the new Cush Misty Rose might be my next set. 

Q: Do they deliver everywhere?
A: They deliver worldwide and their delivery is always super fast.

So here are the most popular questions what has been asked for me over the years. I hope this post helps you!

Have a fun and wonderful summer!
Photos: SanderM

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