First throwback Thursday

Summer Breezy

At the end of February me, my boyfriend and two good friends of mine we took a vacation at Egypt. After hard working period and dark winter we needed some D-Vitamin and sun what could melt us out of ice and snow.

It was sooooo nice weather out there and me and my girlfriend we were enjoying tanning all days from breakfast till dinner.

I was packing with me this time only summer clothes and I can say that at the evenings were a little bit cold, so next time I will pack with me some warm sweater. I took again all my bikinis and this time I bought for myself the biggest hat of them all. It is H&M Trend navy blue hat and all the hotel stuff was ecstatic when they saw me wearing it. I was feeling like a celebrity out there.

I made a lot of pictures about my outfits and you can decide which one is your favorite. I truly love my photo session outfit and all the pictures.

First throwback Thursday - Summer Breezy9
First throwback Thursday - Summer Breezy1   Summer Breezy2
Summer Breezy3
Summer Breezy4
Summer Breezy5
Summer Breezy6
Summer Breezy8
Summer Breezy7
Summer Breezy7


Other vacation outfits

Summer Breezy10


Summer Breezy11


Summer Breezy12


Summer Breezy13
Summer Breezy14


Summer Breezy15
Summer Breezy17
Summer Breezy18


Summer Breezy19
Summer Breezy20


That was this throwback Thursday post! Wait until next Friday, then I will write about my Vilnius trip and favourite outfits.


Sun loving,



pictures: TriinuO

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