I would rather be in the windy but warm Greece than in here, cold and rainy, Estonia. I have been sick since I got back from Zakynthos and I still have no proper voice and my nose is so blocked, that it’s hard to breathe. But I don’t like to concentrate on the negative things so I’m happy that I have had a lot of time at home to sort out all my holiday pictures and now I finished with the editing. That means I can start uploading all my bikini and lingerie shots from Marc&André SS18 Collection and also some travel pictures.

As many of you already know or maybe you read my last blog post, my suitcase was sent to the wrong country (Catania, Italy) and Smartlynx nor Novatours did absolutely nothing to help us. We got our suitcase after 5 days of waiting (even they did know the location of the luggage already on Sunday) and mostly wearing the same casual clothes from Tally Weijl or what I lent from Anna Elisabeth. These photos we made at the last day in the Leventino area when I was finally able to wear my clothes that were in our suitcase.

I fell in love with these furry (faux fur) sandals and I’m quite sad that I can’t wear them anymore in Estonia. It’s just too cold and rainy in here. If you have an upcoming trip than I strongly recommend you to buy these sandals (also in light pink color) because they are so comfy and of so soft. My favorite sandals from now on!

Blouse, jeans (similar here and here), sandals from H&M; sunglasses Vero Moda and handbag Mango

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Zakynthos- Part 2-12
Zakynthos- Part 2-5
Zakynthos- Part 2-23
Zakynthos- Part 2-10
Zakynthos- Part 2-4
Zakynthos- Part 2-29
Zakynthos- Part 2-14
Zakynthos- Part 2-27
Zakynthos- Part 2-20
Zakynthos- Part 2-25
Zakynthos- Part 2-17
Zakynthos- Part 2-22
Zakynthos- Part 2-8

Photos: SanderM
Edit: TriinuO

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