Zakynthos sunsets

Of course, you can see amazing sunsets everywhere you go but somehow when I travel, I remember them longer. For me, the golden hour is the best time to make some glorious photo shoots and I love to use that time to capture some precious memories. This photo shoot was done on our last night in Zakynthos and finally, we were on the right side of the island (at the Daphne beach) to see that magical moment. It’s such a beautiful night at the beach together with my husband and our best friends. I miss spending every second of our time with them because they are like a family to us!

Wherever you are staying on the island, you will see the skies turn pink as the sun drops away. If you would like to see the sun drops into the water, then we recommend you to drive up on the cliffs of the Keri Lighthouse, in the South West of the island, and on the cliffs of Kampi on the West Coast. Where ever you are on the island you will find magical sunset locations on your own, make sure that you have your phone on hand to capture the moment!

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Photos: SanderM
Edit: TriinuO

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